Marie Leonard Mentor and Consultant

Lead Generation and List Building

are two separate processes
that require time, skill and dedication.

Knowledge - Authority - Trust

Marie Leonard here! Internet Marketing Coach and Mentor. I am here to bring you fresh new ideas tips and tricks on how to generate more leads and build you, a bigger list! So whether you're a beginner or expert I am sure I can get you started or help you change a strategy or tweak a campaign, to get your business to the next plateau.

If you are looking for a mentor to help build your internet marketing business, you should have someone that is well established. That's right! Working business to business. I have three mentoring courses that I am now offering that will give you the opportunity to work with me personally to get you started right now!

This is where it all begins. If you are new to internet marketing, you need this course.

OK, You have gotten your feet wet in my 101 program, let's take your marketing to the next level.

  • Contact me personally for more information.

This is my Master Class Internet Marketing Program. You must have completed 101 and 201 or show me an aptitude level of advanced marketing skills to be considered.

  • Contact me personally for more information.

Do you need a software
to generate more leads?

Whether you're just getting started or just need more leads, the Targeted Lead Extractor is a compact full version software that has the potential to generate hundreds of leads.

Are you looking for a course,
on how to build a list?

This is a course for the beginner at heart! The How to Build a List 4 Free, is a short video/book online course, that will get you started on a ZERO budget!

Current Featured Offers

Need Leads?
We Have Oppotrunity Seeker Leads and Choice Buyer Leads

Everyone needs leads, especially leads that have been identified as having an interest in getting information about different opportunities. But best of all is our Premium lists of Buyer leads comprised of actual people who have been verified of actually making a purchase in the work from home niche. You won't find better leads than this at a better price than this.

Why does having the right mentor make all the difference?
Experience Equals Results

What many online beginners miss when starting online is how to set up the proper process that leads to success. They get lured away by BIG promises of BIG money. Sadly, after failing several times, they finally quit, frustrated and disillusioned when having the right mentor and processes in place from the beginning could have changed fails into wins from the start.

Be sure to visit my Blog for some exciting information that will help you boost your online marketing efforts~!

Marie! Take me to your Blog now!

The heart of every online marketing business is "The List"

Below you will find list building tools that will help you grow your list and give you an opportunity to sell the exact tools to make you money online!

FREE Download of the Targeted Search Extractor with how to video: Lets Find Leads Search by keyword or guru, your choice.

FREE Download of the Targeted Social Extractor: Search in 9 of the Top Social Sites with your best keyword.

FREE Download of the Targeted Classifieds Extractor: Extracts in 11 of the top Classifieds Online using your best keyword.

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