5 Revelations That Led To Massive Change In My Online Business

Re-branding is a process that many online marketers are now undertaking. It not only sets the stage for them to become an authority in their field but also gives them more credibility as they attract new followers.

Not that long ago, I underwent a complete re-branding of my current products and marketing practices. This has lead me to rethink my online approach and as a result of that change, I am no longer promoting programs that, because of my past experience, I know will let people down and fail because the basic processes of doing business online was never taught properly.

I have since discovered a much higher degree and level of internet marketing that I basically knew about, but did not have the knowledge to implement and put into practice until now.

Below, I am sharing with you my top 5 “Ah.. Ah” moments that have caused me to take the course I am now pursuing.

Revelation one:

“Getting into the minds of the thinkers” challenges many marketers. I have gotten better at getting into the minds of the “product creators” which has resulted in me changing how I market my products.

And the same applies to getting into the minds of my customers, I now approach my potential customers differently, effectively increasing my chances of making more sales.

Revelation two:

It takes 3 components to create financial business success, no matter if you have a brick and mortar business or one online; “Product, Process and People”. If one is missing, the business will fail.

So, as I am changing my process and the tools I use to market myself and my products, the people I attract to my business are better qualified which allows for monetization to occur more often.

Revelation three:

In order to get more sales, there exists a universal formula, the secret sauce you might say, that helps the marketing process work smoother, easier and drive results much faster. This formula is the key I had been looking for and putting it into action takes careful crafting, whether it’s an ad, email drip, post in a blog, sales copy, or even web content.

It’s NOT one size fits all.

Revelation four:

In order to build trust in any business, one needs to be transparent to reach a higher level of success. And so, I have striven to build a solid knowledge base on a solid foundation which is now allowing me to increase customer trust and make me an authority in the Lead Generation List Building arena.

As a result, I have become better in sales and the strategies I use to earn.

Revelation five:

Normally, people don’t like change. But when you are in business, if there is no change, it will eventually lead to failure. With that said, I have changed my business model and processes to one that works better.

This change is already showing a significant increase in my sales.

My new approach is simple but effective. I now work business to business, B2B, and I do know that if I continue in this direction that my marketing will only get better!

Working closely with your client is much satisfying than the “take their money and run” approach.  It marks one as being honest, truthful and working with integrity.

Is that not the kind of person you would want to work with? See how mentoring  can add to your bottom line.

About the Author Marie Leonard

Marie is a seasoned online coach and marketer helping newcomers save time and money in applying sound internet marketing processes and providing them with versatile tools to ease their lead generation frustrations.

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