Engaging Authentically With Your Customers

It’s a word that gets flung around a lot in our business: authenticity. Mostly, authentic is used by social media pros to mean “transparent.

Getting a customer to trust you or your products starts with you building a relationship that comes from the heart.  It’s all part of your personal branding strategy. Or it should be.

By offering your client a genuine experience they won’t feel cheated. It’s also important to be there even if they don’t need you. Just knowing that someone is looking out for them increases trust in you.

If you’ve done your research and you know you target market, you will know what they need and fulfill that need.

A last tip might be to take them by the hand and lead them where you want them to go. This should be an essential part of your marketing funnel

But being yourself in all that you do will attract clients who will be happy to repeat the experience because you are building your brand in an authentic way.

In this video, I talk about how being yourself is above all else, the initial essential criteria of
personal branding

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Marie is a seasoned online coach and marketer helping newcomers save time and money in applying sound internet marketing processes and providing them with versatile tools to ease their lead generation frustrations.

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