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It may not be talked about as much anymore, but backlinks still work as a search engine strategy to funnel traffic your way.

If you have been working online and studying what needs to be done to bring traffic to your site, you will have discovered that backlinks play an important part in getting Google to recognize your content as valuable and consequently deliver your content to people wanting solutions to their problems.

The more high quality backlinks you have the better chance it will be your content that gets displayed on first page.

So to help you create authority backlinks, here is a tool that will help you find authority sites for you to visit, comment and hopefully get a backlink in return to your content.

You can find this tool here at my No Spam Solution site.

Here’s how it works.

Edu and Gov sites are usually very high pr sites who rarely link outside of their information base unless the content is in line with theirs but don’t generally cover.

So unless you have an authority site that does that, you probably won’t need to use the edu and gov searches.

You can add urls, websites to search engines and get backlinks from Squiddo lenses and Hubpages that could help boost your page rankings.

I also recommend that you download the Firefox or Chrome toolbar app that identifies the page rank of the website you are on.

Just do a Google search using these keywords: “pagerank app for chrome”  or “pagerank app for firefox” and your search queries will point you in the right direction.


Here is what the chrome page rank looks like after adding it to my toolbar.


I also like to use the Alexa toolbar because sometimes a site can have great traffic but a lower page rank and you can identify at a glance if that site would be worth your commenting on to get a backlink.


Well, there you are, a backlink tool that could potentially put your site ahead of your competition if used wisely.

Watch this video as I take you through it.  Need any help with your blogging platform?

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