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Create An Irresistible Lead Magnet

How good is your ethical bribe? Your email list is the foundation of your online business. If it isn’t then it should be. And in order to motivate people to sign up, we usually give something away in exchange for someone’s contact information. The give away, often called a “lead magnet”, should be irresistible to […]

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 Will DMARC Affect Your Email Deliverability?

Changes at Gmail, Yahoo and others may impact your email deliverability – are you prepared for DMARC? In an effort to reduce spam and spoofing, email providers are moving to a policy that will reject mail sent from outside of their respective servers. This means that if you use a ‘from’ email address from one […]

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How To Build Your List From First Time Email Contacts While Avoiding Being Labelled a Spammer

When people tell me email marketing is dead, I tell them to check their inbox for signs of life. Email marketing is still very much alive and kicking, and if used alongside a content marketing strategy, email can be incredibly powerful for your brand’s promotion. Email marketing is not archaic – it’s evolved to become […]

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Online image Editor With Tons of Features – And It’s Free

Not everyone is a graphic designer!  But everyone can use this great, fun and free online image editor to create unique images for personal or business use. To start, go to Pic Monkey dot com.   Once there, all you have to do is click on the edit button as shown on the image below. […]

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Create Cool Text Images In Just Minutes For Your Promotions

Most of us aren’t graphic artists, so when tools come along like Cool Text, it makes creating awesome images that use really COOL text quite easy. I show you how easy it is in the video below. It actually took me longer to show you how it works rather than to actually do it. Tools […]

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