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Paypal New Agreement Hoopla

If your head hasn’t been stuck in the sand lately, I’m sure you will have heard the big fuss being made over Paypal’s new agreement being activated on July 1st, 2015. Did you know that if you are a Paypal user that you have already agreed to most of what people are objecting to right now?

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Are You Reaching Out To Enough Leads?

Are Your Reaching Out To Enough Leads?

We both know that leads are the life blood of any online business. Special holidays play an especially important part. What are you doing to profit from these special days? Take Mother’s Day for example. It’s just around the corner. Will you be profiting from marketing to sons, daughters and husbands that are looking to please the women in their lives? Do you have a product? Do you have a process? Do you have people?

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5 Proactive Steps: Safeguard Your Youtube Channel From Being Hacked

Just recently, a very high profile online marketer had her Youtube account which contained over 600 videos, terminated without any warnings whatsoever. She had been hacked! Fortunately, after much protest and email correspondence back and forth, she was able to prove that the videos which violated Youtube terms were not hers and so her account […]

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My Product Pick for the Holiday Season

Veteran marketers know that “Seasonal Marketing” can bring big incomes if you have the right product and a crafted campaign that is released at the right time. Too early and you have wasted advertising dollars, and too late,  well you have clearly missed the boat. What I have for you today is an opportunity that […]

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How To Analyze Your Product’s Market Position

Newbies to the online marketing arena really show their inexperience when it comes to marketing a product they want to promote. That’s because they have not mastered the art of analyzing their product’s position in the current market and so miss winning over customers. So what is a product’s market position?

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