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Making It About “Them” Not “You”

It’s Not About You  by Bob Burg and John David Mann, is the story of a leader’s journey. A journey any good leader has to take.Ben begins with an agenda. His job is to convince or if necessary, to steamroll a manufacturer of high-quality chairs to accepting a merger. Ben’s company believes it to be a […]

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When You Get “Oh But That’s a Pyramid Scheme”

If you wanted to illustrate what this would look like in terms of your organizational chart, you would see a straight line going from the customer to each and every employee, no matter his or her place in the corporate hierarchy: How often has a prospect come out and said that what you are presenting […]

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Taking Your Network Marketing Business For Granted?

If you’ve been in the network marketing business for a long time, are you guilty of becoming complacent and ignoring your partners in business? This is especially true if you’ve been very successful and you may think that if it isn’t broken why fix it? But is that the right attitude toward your business partners, […]

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Confirmed Online Sponsoring Techniques

The key to lucrative online sponsoring is making relationships together with your prospects. It may sound weird to you, but a majority of network marketers refuse to build relationships with their prospects, and this has resulted in their companies failing. There are numerous network marketers who wish to stick to persuasion or traditional promoting techniques; nevertheless, these methods don’t function for everyone, or can’t function alone.

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