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Your Role As A List Building Marketer

Whether you like it or not, you are a salespersons. Don’t believe me? Then answer me this… Did you download the Targeted Lead Extractor  and if you did or will, then is it not because you want to increase your list size and/or have new people to contact with your offer? Of course you it […]

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How To Make Your List Building Efforts Pay by Caring For Your List

I am often asked how to care for a list once your list building efforts start to pay off. There are simple guidelines that will ensure that those who join your list are serious and want to continue their online education don’t quit your list. Here are 3 tips you can apply right now: stop […]

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How To Create An Instant Video From A Post In 5 Easy Steps

Often you will have created content that you would really like to turn into a video so you can reach a wider audience. Well, you will really enjoy this great tip and trick that lets you do just that. But before going into the details here are THREE things which you will need to make […]

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Building your first “Targeted Email List”

You are here because you have a need to build a targeted email list for an existing product or you may be new and just getting started. My main goal is to set you on the right path and avoid all the pits falls that I had to experience in reaching my list goals.

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Lead Generation Creating Clickable Images In Facebook Posts

In our lead generation efforts,  many of us will turn to Facebook to promote our opportunity or services. Facebook’s popularity is well known and we all want to drive people to our offers or visit our site or click on a product we might be promoting. How most of us lead readers to our content […]

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