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Sales Copywriting Key Principles That Lead To More Conversions

Where many marketers drop the ball is often putting the cart before the horse in their sales copywriting whether it is in an email or a sales page. It usually has to do with the approach taken to lead prospects toward completion, which, of course is a sale. These four key principles of sales copywriting […]

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Why People Don’t Buy What You Sell

No matter what you do, you have to sell people on it. Were you not SOLD on which toothpaste to use?  If it wasn’t you, then it was your partner who decided which toothpaste would be best for you and your family. You see, whenever we BUY something, it’s because we have been SOLD into […]

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How To Earn Instant Online Credibility Using These 3 Tactics

When just starting out online whether you are blogging or just posting on Facebook or other social media, it’s really hard for people to take you seriously unless you already are an authority in something of importance. So how can you prove and earn instant credibility? These three techniques work quite well.  It’s just a […]

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How To Get Started So You Can Reach Your Goals

Let me ask you this.  Why haven’t you started yet?  Have you been putting off taking action ? I often hear, well, I just don’t have the time.  We both know that  you will never start anything if you keep putting it off until tomorrow. Then here’s a solution I came across that just may […]

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FREE Targeted Email Lead Extractor Works Like A Charm

It’s not often we come across software that works.  This free targeted lead extractor actually pulls targeted emails from a social site that is dedicated to advertising. So guess what? Site members have agreed to receive email contacts about other opportunities.  So how does it work?  Well watch this video and you’ll be able to […]

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