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Tip of The Week: Branding Yourself Using A Gravatar

The first step, as the smart online marketer you are,  should be to implement easy ways to  brand yourself. This Tip Of The Week shows you how.   Using a gravatar is just such a way that once you set it you can forget it.  It links your email to a picture of yourself and whenever […]

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Tip of The Week: How To Avoid Slow Loading URLs When Marketing To Safelists & Traffic Exchanges

 When promoting to safelists and traffic exchanges, I’ve often noticed that some sites are slow to load and often don’t even come up after the few required seconds have passed.  Well, this week’s Tip Of The Week gives you a solution that is easy to apply. The video below actually gives you an option of […]

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Classifieds Ads Scraper Software Does Just That…

  The classifieds ads scraper is an amazing and smart little piece of software that should be in all marketers’ tool box. Once in a while new software makes the scene and starts to gain momentum because of it’s ease of use and quantifiable results.  The classifieds ads scraper shown in this video does just […]

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Online Lead Generation With a Social Twist

Lead Generation

 Online lead generation is always a big topic and big headache for most network marketers who want to reach an audience outside of their warm market. It’s important to note that in reaching that cold market, one does not necessarily have what everyone needs. Hence, we must work with specific keywords that target the market […]

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Using Software To Collect Email Leads

Using software to collect email leads is always a subject of controversy with many people. Some say that one is spamming and some say that they are not spamming if they are providing value.  I tend to lean in the direction of the second opinion. Since I love software and especially FREE software, this little […]

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