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My Product Pick for the Holiday Season

Veteran marketers know that “Seasonal Marketing” can bring big incomes if you have the right product and a crafted campaign that is released at the right time. Too early and you have wasted advertising dollars, and too late,  well you have clearly missed the boat. What I have for you today is an opportunity that […]

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How To Identify Broken Links On Your Site

Broken links on your website are never a good thing to let slip through your fingers. Search engines can actually penalize you for having broken links on your website by not showing it in the search results. Why?  Because broken links can mean that you don’t care enough to ensure that all the linked information you are […]

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What To Do Next After Creating Your Niche Site

So you’ve just put together a killer website and blog. Now you’re getting ready to make it known to the world.  What’s next? Well, it just so happens that it’s exactly where I am now after creating the Earth Grounding Health website and blog.

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How To Analyze Your Product’s Market Position

Newbies to the online marketing arena really show their inexperience when it comes to marketing a product they want to promote. That’s because they have not mastered the art of analyzing their product’s position in the current market and so miss winning over customers. So what is a product’s market position?

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Is Your Perception Causing Your Target Market To Leave Your Website?

Every day I come across websites that completely miss the point in their marketing strategy. They may have the best in content and products but leave the reader uninspired and unmoved which results in a quick get away and “on to the next”. My first website was all about health. Having been an alternative health […]

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