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5 Tips For Buying a Domain Name

Most of us are very familiar with the word “domain name’ and usually decide to buy one when we are planning to brand ourselves online or promote a product. Just recently I read an article on 5 tips for buying a domain name which I want to share with you since I don’t necessarily agree with […]

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A Super Easy Way That Builds Your List While “Branding” Yourself At The Same Time

Do you think that the current pros or so-called gurus you see online were always known for whom they are today? Of course not! They had to start somewhere. But there is one thing they all have in common.

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Warning: Don’t Even Think of Creating a Targeted List Until You Have Set This Process in Motion

There’s nothing more frustrating than to see your list shrinking with opt-outs as soon as they’ve opted in. Here you’ve been working 10 hours a day placing ads in Facebook, Linkedin, Safeflists and other advertising avenues only to have half of the optins you got jump bail after only a day of being on your list. It’s […]

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Why Saying “No” To Scumbag Marketing Will Save Your Brand

If you’ve been online for a while and even if you are new to this experience, you will have been exposed to scumbag marketing. There’s no getting away from it as it’s everywhere. What is scumbag marketing? That’s when promises are being made that cannot in reality be fulfilled. That’s when fake testimonials are being […]

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How To Organize Your Youtube Channel To Better Promote Yourself

I often visit other people’s Youtube channels and although I love watching videos, I am usually there because I am researching a specific topic. But I often just get lost. Why? The reason is simple. The channel is completely unorganized and all the videos are jumbled into one long string obliging the viewer to sort through, […]

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