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Why Many Internet Marketers’ Mindsets Are Geared For Failure

The more I work with new to marketing Internet Marketers, the more I realize how their mindset will really lead them to failure. Now I don’t state that lightly. Here’s a short story. Just recently I was approached by a fairly new to the Internet  wannabe marketer. The person was really interested in working with me and my […]

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Why “FREE” Will Eventually Lead To Failure Online

That’s right “free” will not let you succeed in the way you want online. Why is that? Number one, you don’t get quality. Free is as free does. Everybody has it or wants it. So what do you have in your hands? Something everybody else has. Number two, you will eventually fail and give up. Expecting to […]

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Knowing You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know About Online Marketing

8 years ago I was just beginning to get serious about marketing online. Luckily, I happen to win a copy writing contest that gave me a free pass, plane tickets and stay at the Hilton for  4 days and the chance to mingle with the crew of Marketing Merge headed by Mike Klingler, who is […]

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