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3 Sentence Formula Grabs More Linkedin Profile Views

Linkedin, as you may know, is the largest social site of business professionals under one umbrella in the world. Often, online marketers forget that this social site is just NOT another Facebook made up of people socializing but rather one of professionals already in the mood for business contacts. There is one Linkedin strategy you should be using to put your profile up front and center to encourage profile views. The more eyes on your profile, the more opportunity you will have of making business connections that can turn into cash. There are three areas your profile needs special attention. Actually, a good rule of thumb is to treat your profile as a sales letter avoiding buzz words.

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Online Lead Generation With a Social Twist

Lead Generation

 Online lead generation is always a big topic and big headache for most network marketers who want to reach an audience outside of their warm market. It’s important to note that in reaching that cold market, one does not necessarily have what everyone needs. Hence, we must work with specific keywords that target the market […]

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Social Media Quotes Meet The “Force”

Taking yourself too seriously is never a good thing. Don’t forget people will remember a good laugh before they remember a training on branding yourself. Well in this article, I chuckled as Steve Olenski applied his skewed view of movie quotes to social media. via Laughing at yourself is a healthy sign of sanity. […]

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