How To Create An Instant Video From A Post In 5 Easy Steps

Often you will have created content that you would really like to turn into a video so you can reach a wider audience.

Well, you will really enjoy this great tip and trick that lets you do just that.How To Create a Video Using a Post

But before going into the details here are THREE things which you will need to make this work.

  1. The Crimson Editor is a text file program much like notepad except that it is much more powerful.  You can download it here: Crimson Editor
  2. Microsoft Power Point for those who use a PC and any version of Microsoft.
  3. Screencast-o-Matic Recorder which is an online based recorder with 15 minutes of free recording.

There are 5 steps to re-purposing your written content into a video:

  1. Copy the content from your post or article and paste it into the Crimson Editor ensuring that there is a space between each sentence and save it to your working folder.
  2. Go to Microsoft Power Point and choose “File”, “Open” and change the file type to “All files” and choose the text file you just saved.
  3. Instantly, all of your text will be imported into your power point with a new slide for each sentence. Now just edit your presentation until it looks acceptable but choosing all slides and clicking on the type of template you want which will modify all templates with one click.
  4. Now go to ScreenCast-O-matic, a free online screen recorder and record your powerpoint by reading it as you run your slide show, then save it into MP4 format to your working folder.
  5. Now upload to your Youtube cahnnel.

You no longer have anymore excuses for not producing informative video content for your readers.

This is one way you can brand yourself in your niche and attract new readers which can become part of your lists.

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