US Affiliates Abandoned – How You Can Step In and Save The Day

We are always searching for leads.  One good piece of advice I often hear recommends finding leads that are already pre-qualified, especially when working a network marketing opportunity.

Pre-qualified leads are the warmest leads in the market place today, with the highest conversion rate from call to deal.

Why?  Because they are:

  1. leads who have the money to get involved in network markteting
  2. leads who have expressed an interest in working an MLM opportunity
  3. leads who are interested in starting right away

Finding these golden nuggets are the dream of every network marketer.

US Affiliates Abandoned and How You Can Make the Most of It.

As this post is being written, something huge in the MLM arena has occurred.  Thousands of Wake Up Now affiliates have been left stranded without a leader and a product.

According to NPros, WakeUpNow has closed all of its network marketing operations in the U.S. and laid the blame solely on its former CEO, Kirby Cochran, alleging that Cochran bled the company dry with “rampant and reckless spending,”. Just Google it if you want the juicy details.

But now you have thousands of networkers left without a marketing suite, a product and service suite.

Where will they go next?

Maybe that’s up to you!

I make this statement boldly as I describe in this video a method that will show you how you can actually collect Wake Up Now email leads for you to reach out to.


This method can work with any MLM company that you want to reach out to.

The most important thing to remember is to NEVER spam during this process.  There are no spam solutions that make life easier and keeps the FTC off your back.

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