Lead Generation Creating Clickable Images In Facebook Posts

In our lead generation efforts,  many of us will turn to Facebook to promote our opportunity or services.

Facebook’s popularity is well known and we all want to drive people to our offers or visit our site or click on a product we might be promoting.

How most of us lead readers to our content is by posting an interesting status update that hopefully catch their attention enough to want to click on the link we have in the post.

Another more effective way of doing lead generation is by posting images.  But not just any images. I don’t mean design. That has to be good from the start.

What I mean is posting images on Facebook that you can click.

Clickable images in Facebook make it so much easier for our possible lead to get where we want to direct them.

Steps to posting a clickable image in Facebook:

  1. Make sure you have an image that has good graphics.
  2. Create an account with Photobucket which is a free service for you to host your images in although you do not need to upload your image for this process. You just need to have an account to access their other free image service.
  3. Bring up Tinypic.com which is connected to Photobucket.
  4. Upload your image – Once uploaded go to step 5.
  5. Go to SocialMediaBar.com and enter the URL you want to take your viewer to.
  6. Now you are on a very important page. Be sure to fill out the correct information as described in the video below.
  7. Grab your new URL and go to Facebook Status update and post your link.

The image should load up and will be clicable in your Facebook post. You can also remove the URL in the post area and just put your comment.

Watch this video carefully on how to create your clickable images in Facebook.  Why not use it whenever you want to generate new leads to your content?

Lead generation is an on-going process and every serious online marketer needs to stay up to date with new techniques as they are presented on sites such as Marie Leonard Online.

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