Marketers that have been around for a while know that tools exist to make their life easier.

And the best list building tool you will ever need is your autoresponder.

I use Aweber because it has a proven track record for delivering the emails to my reader’s inbox.

Without your autoresponder you may as well  kiss your list building efforts goodbye.


Because you absolutely need a way to capture your traffic once it lands on your website or landing page.

Even  offline businesses ask  for your email because they know that if they can market to you that way, you will be more likely to purchase from them.

Is List Building Something Every Online Marketer Should Do?

You bet it is!  The money really is in the list  and if you aren’t building your list, then don’t be surprised if you are not getting any results.

Building a list is one of the cheapest and most cost-effective ways of getting started online because everyone now has an email address.  Even my 85 year old mother had one.

Email Marketing Is Dead

Sorry to burst your bubble but email marketing is stronger than ever.  It’s even stronger than social media marketing.

What do you think is harder to do?

  1. building your social media platform and keeping it updated or
  2. sending emails everyday?

Well, let me tell you that emails still bring in more clicks than social media because it takes time to build a rapport through social media and when you get to have thousands of friends, who do you think will pay attention to what you have to say except people you personally know?.

  • Communication is the best list building tool you will ever have in your hands.

And free just doesn’t cut it.

There are services that charge less and it’s up to you to find the one that will suit your needs. You see, if you for free, there will be embedded advertisements in your forms that will want to get your readers to purchase or go visit another product. You are directing your readers away from your content.

If you’re happy with that trade-off then sure, go for free.

I want to keep people on my site, not steer them away.

  • Your website can also be a list building tool because it should attract and entice viewers to click on your offer.

Creating a website may sound easy and many people will tell you that it is and they are right when you can use tools like WordPress installers or free website creation services.

However, free is as free does. It’s never good to be free as the quality of the work often suffers and as your site design suffers, so will your list building.

You need to take your reader down a path that will eventually lead to a sale, which is usually the goal of most websites.

Just slapping a website together and banking on  “create it and they will come” just does not work.

cropped-headermarie.pngWhen you hit someone’s website, the first thing you tell yourself is “what is this all about” and then “what can I do here”.  If those two questions are not answered clearly, you leave continuing on to your next search that will deliver the content you are looking for.

Your goal should be to keep your readers on your page for as long as possible.

There are specific steps that will deliver what you want but not every beginner nor even seasoned marketer use them in the right order and often forget to add key components that just leave the reader hanging.

Learning how to do that is just another step best served by someone who has been there and done that and can prove their effectiveness first by how effective their own personal site is using by Google analysis traffic and Alexa rating tools..

Many tools exist that will contribute to building your list. Over time, the Marie Leonard Online Blog will do it’s best to bring them to you in a clear and concise manner.



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