If You Don’t Listen, You Feel…

I instantly felt sick to my stomach and could not believe what had just happened!

Just the other day, I was transferring files from a USB stick to my external pocket hard drive.

I just wanted to make room so I could upload a series of mp4 exercise videos for my daughter on the USB drive.

Call it distraction, call it what you will, but all of a sudden I had 146 gigs of information instantly disappear.

These were all of my client files, affiliate information, complete website backups, software source files and all of the graphics I had ever collected over 6 years, gone in a blink!!

In panic mode, I called the hard drive seller, as it was still under warranty, to see what they would suggest as to what to do  to recover these files.

All they could do was refer me to some vendors who specialize in file recovery and /or get a recovery program to  attempt doing it myself.

As my head was reeling, I started to think of what was essential to continue working with my clients and where I could get the information should I not be able to recover anything.

I did have a colleague who had the files I needed to continue my IT work for this 5 figure per year client we share.

And not that long ago, my software technician had just updated my 3 best seller softwares.  So those were recoverable.

As to the rest of the files, live and learn and listen to those who tell you to make a backup or else you’ll feel the consequences.

So at the very least, I could continue working and start to rebuild my database from scratch.

But as luck would have it, my software technician, George, had other ideas. After hearing me moan over my data loss,  he told me to sit tight and “let’s see what we can do to get your files back?”

Here’s what he did.

Teamviewer was fired up and he took over my machine.  He then downloaded a free recovery program which he knew about and went to work.

For the next 2 hours he babysat my machine restoring all of my files.  One pass loaded all the files into one folder and the other restored directories and files in the order I had them. I now had 2 full directories with all of my files.

Am I happy?  I’m ecstatic!

And why am I sharing this experience with you?

Two reasons come to mind right away:

  1. be sure to use a backup for your web enterprise or else if you don’t listen, you’ll feel not too happy with yourself, lol and
  2. be sure to have a trouble shooter in your pocket whose name in George.

George is knowledgeable,  honest, reliable, loves to please his clients and because he is on a disability, he works remotely from his home and can fix your computer, short of a hardware problem and charges so little for his expertise that you will be pleasantly surprised.

So if you get into trouble, give him a call.

Here is his contact information:

My lesson in all of this?  Do your backup and save yourself some grief.

Have you ever been faced with such an experience?  If so, why don’t you share with us what YOU did to solve your problem in the comment box below.

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