Making It About “Them” Not “You”

It’s Not About You  by Bob Burg and John David Mann, is the story of a leader’s journey. A journey any good leader has to take.Ben begins with an agenda. His job is to convince or if necessary, to steamroll a manufacturer of high-quality chairs to accepting a merger. Ben’s company believes it to be a good thing, but the target company is not so sure. Ben’s mindset as he starts out is: “how do I get them to do what I want them to do.”

It’s not about us! We forget this when first starting out with our new product and company opportunity. We often rush out there and puke on everyone trying to convince them that this is the greatest product and company and that everyone should get involved.

How often have you made that mistake. It is time to understand that it is not about “us” and that others have something very special they can contribute if we listen to their needs.

A true leader will know not to let her team fly off half cocked.

A true MLM leader has a clear vision of personal goals, has focused on building self-esteem, exemplifies what is taught,, lives what is taught and shares these building skills with all ready to absorb and grow.

Life lessons come in all kinds of robes. One just has to be ready to identify them and great leaders all embody these qualities of true leadership..

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