MLM Builds Leaders- Or Does It?

Step One: Being a good leader.

Jeff shows that when you intend to succeed within the Network marketing field you have to tell your self that you are a leader. Everyone can certainly be leaders because an actual leader will be somebody that assumes command over their very own lives.

Joining as a distributor for any MLM company does not make you an
automatic leader.

In the above quote, talking about the 1st step of 7 to 7 figures, it is
suggested that all should assume the role of  leader whether they are or

Not everyone is ready to do that and if you only waited for people that actually
take command over their very own lives, you would never have anyone join your

The beauty of network marketing is giving people who want to grow that chance.
And often enough, many don’t even know they will grow.

We all think that we are great as we are. Little do we know that to become
leaders we have to get out of our comfort zone at some point.

And there is no better medium to facilitate that growth than working in a
network marketing business.  It just forces you out of your comfort zone whether you like it or not.

And many do not!

That could be one reason why there are so many people that leave. Not everyone is
ready to grow even though it would improve their lives.

Leaders are made and some lucky ones are born and many of those who think
they are leaders fall very short of the mark.

Your growth as a leader will be that much faster if you have a
or someone you look up to that will show you what you need to achieve
by example.

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