Building MLM Momentum To Get Followers

Momentum is the fuel of your business.

So what fuels momentum?

A system does the trick.

A system is really a blueprint that can easily be used over and over again with each new associate you sign up.  But it must also produce results.

So what do you need to accomplish this?

It all starts with here:

  • establish an amount the person wants to earn in the first 6 months and identify which position is next in line that has to be reached and how soon
  • know how much they expect to earn monthly and how soon they want to get it
  • find out exactly what has to be done to create the volume that will earn them that amount
  • identify what position will be attained in 6 months and how much they will earn by then
  • find out what resources they will be need to achieve their goals ie: time, supplies, educational training
  • partner with someone else that will help you help them with their goals
  • help them develop their list of prospects: which resources will they use ie; advertising, off and online, telephone, buying leads
  • attend events with them to continue personal growth
  • reveal the company support structure for the whole team
  • explain the product and company backoffice procedure
  • have a personal online coaching area to share with them and get them started on the right foot

A big tip that will help you be more efficient is to create a welcome video for your new associate. It that video, identify your values and lead them to company resources that will help them understand the product and business.

Of course that is not the end but just the beginning of your relationship with this person since you will be working closely with them to implement all of the above steps mentioned here.  The faster your associate sees results, by that I mean money, the faster your business will grow with associates ready to follow in your footsteps and apply the same techniques that got them results in such a timely manner.


About the Author Marie Leonard

Marie is a seasoned online coach and marketer helping newcomers save time and money in applying sound internet marketing processes and providing them with versatile tools to ease their lead generation frustrations.

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