How To Organize Your Youtube Channel To Better Promote Yourself

I often visit other people’s Youtube channels and although I love watching videos, I am usually there because I am researching a specific topic. But I often just get lost.

Why? The reason is simple. The channel is completely unorganized and all the videos are jumbled into one long string obliging the viewer to sort through, in some cases, hundreds of videos to find the required target. If someone’s channel is disorganized is not a surprise if that person is just using Youtube for fun.  But as soon as you apply monetization to your Youtube videos, you should definitely be organizing your Youtube channel to facilitate navigation for your viewers. Not doing so is just leaving money on the table.

Step 1:  Use a header image to announce your brand or special offer.

In the process of branding yourself on your blog, don’t forget to especially brand yourself on your Youtube channel.  All you have to do is create yourself a header or have one made for you following the proper dimensions Youtube requires for your header to show up properly.

Step 2: Be sure to highlight a trailer video right under your header.

What is a trailer video? That is a video that gives people a bit of an overview of your skills, either a personal welcome from you or just a video where you show people what to do in certain cases of whatever you are promoting.  For instance in this screen shot from my channel, I am giving a tutorial on how to apply 5 strategies that will create successful advertising posts on Backpage without resulting in ghosted or deleted ads. Youtube channel trailer video

Step 3: Create playlists to classify your videos for easier browsing by category.

Creating playists are an easy way to categorize your videos  that pertain to a specific topic. For example, in this screen shot, you see all the videos I have that are related to lead generation under one playlist. You can even single out that playlist so that it won’t get lumped in with the other playlists you may have listed on your channel. Youtube Lead generation playlist

Step 4: Not only categorize your videos into playlists but also vary how your playlists are laid out on your channel.

You do that by choosing a vertical vs a horizontal layout at the time you create your playlist.  This way you inject a little bit more interest in the visual look of your channel and keep your viewer on your channel by making them stay longer since, hopefully, they will be finding what they were looking for much faster than sifting through your full video list.  The image below, although small, shows you a full view of my channel.Youtbue channel overall lookIt doesn’t matter if you have 10 videos or 500. Start now by organizing your videos into playlists.  Having a pleasing and easily navigated channel can only lead to returning visitors and increasing your number of subscribers.

For a quick video on how to do what I have just written above, please watch this video.

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