Is Your Perception Causing Your Target Market To Leave Your Website?

Every day I come across websites that completely miss the point in their marketing strategy. They may have the best in content and products but leave the reader uninspired and unmoved which results in a quick get away and “on to the next”.

My first website was all about health. Having been an alternative health provider for 15 years, I had a passion for helping people and wanted to share with my readers my experiences which could possibly help improve their health. So what better way than to create a website. That’s when my online training began.

This website was going to be such a big help to my readers.

It would give them alternatives they may not have considered before. It could even possibly make me some money. So I proceeded to build a site that explained how I loved to help people make better health choices. How I was motivated to do so because of all the suffering around me I knew could be lessened if only certain little tweaks in our daily lives were done. How I was proactive in keeping on top of health issues so I could bring them the latest alternative health information.

Do you see a pattern here?

It was all about me! This is a common mistake made mostly by newcomers to the Internet but I still see it in websites by seasoned marketers. Often you read about the fact they started their website to help their family out of a financial crisis or that they are doing this because they love to help people. Reality check.

The readers do not care about you and your “why” you are doing this.

The readers only care about “what’s in it for me”. Period! If your message gives them what they want, they will:

  1. continue to read (which means spending a longer time on your site)
  2. sign up for more information (assuming you have a capture system in place to build your list)
  3. buy from you (if you have built trust and transparency through value)

Our perception is not necessarily that of our potential readers.

One of the first rules in marketing, whether online or off, is to get into the shoes of your target market.

If you are talking to people that want to get rid of gall bladder stones, give them a method to do so.

If you are addressing people that are looking for short cuts to help them market their products online, give them the tools that will facilitate exactly that.

Why do you think I offer lead generating tools to Internet marketers?

Because that’s what they want! It’s not about me. It’s about them.

Of course there are many more issues I could be discussing here that cause readers to leave your site within seconds but learning to get into your target market’s mindset will go a great way into getting your website back on the right track.

If you’re not sure, I do give free half hour consultations. All you have to do is email me or call me.

About the Author Marie Leonard

Marie is a seasoned online coach and marketer helping newcomers save time and money in applying sound internet marketing processes and providing them with versatile tools to ease their lead generation frustrations.

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