When You Get “Oh But That’s a Pyramid Scheme”

If you wanted to illustrate what this would look like in terms of your organizational chart, you would see a straight line going from the customer to each and every employee, no matter his or her place in the corporate hierarchy:

How often has a prospect come out and said that what you are presenting is just “another pyramid scheme?”

Well, the above chart is an organizational chart for Starbucks and if there ever was an example to show you, that’s a perfect one.

What many don’t realize is that network marketing actually eliminates the pyramid by allowing everyone an equal opportunity at success and there is no one to blame but yourself.

But having someone that has gone the distance and knows how to implement an offline and online strategy for attracting prospects to their network marketing opportunity should be considered.

That can take the form of having a personal coach well versed in online
to point you in the right direction.

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