Are Your Reaching Out To Enough Leads?

Are You Reaching Out To Enough Leads?

We both know that leads are the life blood of any online business.  Special holidays play an especially important part.

What are you doing to profit from these special days?

Take Mother’s Day for example.  It’s just around the corner.

Will you be profiting from marketing to sons, daughters and husbands that are looking to please the women in their lives?

  1. Do you have a product?
  2. Do you have a process?
  3. Do you have people?

It takes all three of these components for anything you market online. It’s not a secret but it is certainly what many newcomers don’t have in place when wanting to use the Internet to make money.

Of course, I can help you with all three.

But for those who are confident that what they have in place is solid and are missing #3, leads, here is how I can help you.

I have a source of good fresh leads for you.

What do I mean by fresh? Well, these leads are no less than 45 days old and are double optin opportunity seeker leads.

  • Right now, you can get special email leads:
    1,000 buyers leads (means they’ve already bought something in the opportunity related niche): full name, email, address, IP address, mobile/phone #, 30 days old. (10 cents per lead)
  • 10,000 fresh short form biz ops leads: full name, email, address, phone #, date of birth, IP address, 30 days old. (5 cents per lead – available in 2 files of 5,000)
  • 100,000 opportunity seeker leads: full name, email, address, IP address, phone #, 40 days old. (2 cents per lead – available in 10 files of 5,000)

These great leads lists are ready for you to use. Remember that you need “NUMBERS” to get the word out.

And yes, I do use a bulk emailer that has high deliverability results and set up my campaigns to be in line with the spam acts.

If you don’t have a great bulk emailing service, let me know and I will share my sources with you.

It’s all in how many eyeballs see your message.

Also important, however, is the quality of your campaign and if you don’t know how then I can help.

Please note: It’s impossible for anyone to guarantee sales, even if they use PPC, bulk emailers, safelists, you name, if they do, then STOP right there and don’t waste your money.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


About the Author Marie Leonard

Marie is a seasoned online coach and marketer helping newcomers save time and money in applying sound internet marketing processes and providing them with versatile tools to ease their lead generation frustrations.

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