How To Reduce Unsubscribes From Your Lists.

Of course you can’t stop people from unsubscribing from your lists but very often they unsubscribe because of one very important reason.

emaildripsThat reason is usually because the person they are following is not taking them where they want to go. Either they are on the wrong list or the marketer is lost to start off with.

So how do email drips show that the marketer has lost his/her way?

Sometimes, it’s as simple as having too many calls to action in an email.

Email drips to your list require as much planning as your branded website does.

What do I mean by this?

It means that you are taking someone on a journey and if your journey has no destination, then your prospects will be so lost that they will unsubscribe.

Take for example my Build a list 4 free course. In that course, you were shown from A to Z how to build a list giving away a free software to attract prospects with.

  • Every step of the way was identified prior to even creating the course leaving no stone un-turned for the prospect to stumble over right down to the actual email drips the course taker would be sending to the lucky prospect who took him up on his free software offer.
  • Each of the email drips had a specific purpose and advanced the prospect one step closer to the main goal.
  • Each email drip had only one call to action that showed them the way. It’s like putting a road sign up and saying, “here take this road, it leads to where you want to go”.

When I see email drips come to me and they have 4 to 5 calls to action in the body, I know that marketer really does not comprehend the purpose of an email.

The only purpose of an email is to get the prospect to click on the link in the email that will fulfill their need for further information.

If there are 5 links to click on, it confuses, discourages and annoys the prospect who then reacts by unsubscribing. It’s that simple.

Emailing is certainly not dead as some people are trying to tell you. It is still one of the best ways to attract people, to keep them engaged and to build a solid trusting relationship that pays off in the future when you offer a product for sale and you actually get sales because they trust your guidance.

So please, please, DO NOT confuse your reader with an email drip that misses the boat. Take them on a journey, know where you are going and leverage the email drips as the greatest tool ever invented for keeping your list alive.

You just might be amazed at the results.

To your list building efforts.
Marie Leonard

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