5 Proactive Steps: Safeguard Your Youtube Channel From Being Hacked

Just recently, a very high profile online marketer had her Youtube account which contained over 600 videos, terminated without any warnings whatsoever.

She had been hacked!

Fortunately, after much protest and email correspondence back and forth, she was able to prove that the videos which violated Youtube terms were not hers and so her account was reinstated. Her fan base also kicked in appealing Youtube to reinstate her.

But not everyone is at this level of marketing and if such a situation can happen to a seasoned marketer, then you also can be at risk.

Below are 5 proactive steps that can help you avoid or at least stay constantly in touch with what is happening on your Youtube channel:

  •  It’s always wise to change your password regularly. We are told to do this all the time for sensitive accounts but how many of us do it? I know a marketer that has had the same Paypal login for the last 4 years.
  •  If you upload many videos to your account, you will get the odd one flagged.
    • It could be someone that has reported a video as adult content.
    • It could be because your music is being attributed to a 3rd party and is copyrighted.
    • It could be because you have uploaded the same video created by someone else and it is the exact same content.

For whatever reason, Youtube has the power and you must do everything you can to be a step ahead or at least be prepared for any contingency.

  •  One very important step is to change your Youtube settings so that you are notified of any events to your channel.


Once in your  settings, go to “Emails” and make sure the following are picked:


 Emails about your subscriptions:

Send me the YouTube wrap-up, a summary of the latest activity on my subscriptions:    ** Once a day 

Also send me emails when:

**A YouTube Live Event is starting soon

**I subscribe to new channels

**New uploads: Get emailed right when your favorite channels upload new videos.

Edit settings:

Emails about your channel, your videos and your comments

Email settings for notifications about comments on your videos or your channel, as well as replies to your comments can be changed by visiting Google+ notification settings.

Send me emails when:

**Someone subscribes to my channel

**Someone leaves a comment on my private video or responds to my comments on a private video

**I receive a private message

**My video upload is complete

**Community actions are updated or require my attention


Be sure to have a check beside each of the above choices.

  •  Do subscribe to your marketing Youtube channel using another Gmail account. This will alert you right away if a video is being uploaded to your channel, always providing you don’t forget to check that email account on a daily basis.
  • Create a new recipe in IFTTT which stands for If This Then That. All kinds of recipes can be created for your online automation. It actually is such a versatile and brilliant tool to use and can save you time plus boost your marketing efforts.


In this case, I have IFTTT connected to my Youtube account and if any videos or anything at all changes, IFTTT will email me instantly.

Having several safeguards in place is only smart.

You need to protect your online property. Doing so shows you care about your brand, your content and your user’s experience with your content.

Anything less can leave you vulnerable to hackers.

If you have any problems implementing these strategies, shoot me an email and let’s see if we can take your marketing to the next level.

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Thanks.  Marie  🙂

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