Sales Copywriting Key Principles That Lead To More Conversions

Where many marketers drop the ball is often putting the cart before the horse in their sales copywriting whether it is in an email or a sales page.

It usually has to do with the approach taken to lead prospects toward completion, which, of course is a sale.

These four key principles of sales copywriting are crucial elements every online marketer needs to understand for great sales conversions.

  • First thing you have to understand is that it’s not the magnitude of change on the page that imparts conversion but rather the magnitude of change in the mind of the customer.  It’s your job to optimize the thought sequence of your customer.
  • You must also understand that for every call to action, there is an implied psychological calculus cost in the mind of the customer : value vs cost

The call to action is usually identified with a button.

There are three types of button styles that influence the mind of your would be customer:

  1. The first style is a value positive button ie:  “get instant access”
  2. Next is the value neutral neutral button ie: “next”, “submit”, “finish”
  3. Then we have the value negative button ie: “shop now”, “register”, “purchase”, “buy”, “sign up”, “cost”
  • One common mistake is asking for too much too soon before the customer understands the value being offered.
  • Asking too much too soon is often accompanied with presenting the wrong “ask” at the wrong time. This often happens at the time an email is sent out to interest your prospect in your offer. What often happens is the objective of the email sent out may get blended  with the objective of the sales page which can confuse your customer.  Remember that the objective of an email is to get the clicks while the objective of the sales page is to get the sales.

Your goal should be to match the thought sequence of your customer to your calls for action. It could look like this: “Get Started vs See How “item name” Works”  or “Subscribe and Save” vs “View Subscriber Options”

Of course, good sales copywriting is a topic that needs to be explored in great depth but just knowing that these four basic principles, if applied correctly, can lead to increased conversions, is always a step in the right direction.

Marie Leonard Online will explore in future posts other copywriting principles that every online marketer should master which lead to better conversions.

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