Why Many Internet Marketers’ Mindsets Are Geared For Failure

The more I work with new to marketing Internet Marketers, the more I realize how their mindset will really lead them to failure.

Now I don’t state that lightly.

Here’s a short story.

Just recently I was approached by a fairly new to the Internet  wannabe marketer.

The person was really interested in working with me and my colleague because she saw the value we brought to the table and did not deny that she found the information we shared with her as undeniable and real. She had found me through a program where she would have to pay me $300.00 before moving forward.

This was the perfect opportunity to educate her on the possibilities of creating a real online business rather than paying for something that would eventually lead to failure and although advertised as a beginner’s answer to making money online is really something that only seasoned marketers can monetize successfully.

After a lengthy conversation about unscrupulous marketers using trigger words to emotionally get their prospects to buy their “get rich system”, it came down to presenting her with a really affordable branding process which included marketing training that would set her up as an authority in her field of expertise.

Can you guess what happened?

We haven’t heard from her since!

Can you tell me why?screwed

Sure you can…

What we proposed takes work!  What we proposed was not INSTANT enough!

For some reason, it seems that it’s easier for people to give their money to total strangers who promise the moon rather than a real person that tells them the truth.

And there is a reason for that.

It’s a way of avoiding responsibility for failure.

Working face to face with someone makes you accountable for your actions and few people like to go there.

She, like many newcomers to Internet marketing think there’s a magic bullet to making money online. The sad part is, it’s really not their fault for this twisted thinking. For years now,  unscrupulous marketers have promised overnight success and wealth,  “but only if you “buy” this secret I am revealing to you now”.

There is a perceived notion that making money online is done with little work and happens fast. So what do these marketers do? They give prospects exactly what they want; promises of quick make money systems in all shapes and sizes. And people continue to buy, buy, buy.  And these marketers continue to laugh their way to the bank with their money.

So how does that type of mindset get a makeover?

It takes a new breed of online marketer to step forward to set the record straight “one person at time”.

It takes courage to listen to the truth and change your mindset.

It takes an honest look at your beliefs and a willingness to change.

It also takes good leaders to show you the way.

About the Author Marie Leonard

Marie is a seasoned online coach and marketer helping newcomers save time and money in applying sound internet marketing processes and providing them with versatile tools to ease their lead generation frustrations.

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Helena Pretorius says

I’ll gladly pay you $300.00 if you will help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!though I am not a marketer. Do you have the same tips and strategies for first time vendors?

I have my fantastic e-book on ClickBank and now I wish to get the best marketers and do not want to sit and wait for one to accidentally trip over me. Could you give me advise please?

Thank you,

    Marie Leonard says

    Thanks for the show of confidence Helena. Why don’t you give me a call and you can tell me exactly what you want and I can share with you how it may be possible for you to get it. Call me: 302-648-5300 🙂

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