Selling Online? FTC May Have Their Eyes On You…

This information affects anyone who is currently selling “anything” at all online even if you are a small player with a small online income.

Just like a brick and mortar business, your online business is subject to legal scrutiny.

Unfortunately, many newcomers to online marketing are not even aware that they can be targeted by the FTC.

Seemingly “harmless” stuff that you may be doing right now can get you fined, sued, and even sent to prison by the FTC (yes, even if you have absolutely no idea that you’re doing anything wrong or “illegal”).

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It is something pretty important to your online future.

For example, Facebook’s Custom Audience and other ad platforms allow you  to leverage your conversions and ad budgets through ad retargeting, but… there’s a catch.

You need to comply with Facebook & the other ad  networks… and FTC Regulations or risk being suspended by the  networks and sued by the FTC!


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==> Saving Your Business From Possible FTC Shutdown

Look, I’m not trying to scare you…

I’m just trying to help educate you about what’s really going on right now.

Because the fact is, this “nightmare scenario” can be easily avoided if you simply have some basic information about how to protect yourself and your business.

Your online business assets may be at risk and in a world full of sue-happy people, and a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that has started taking a hard look at online business owners, you’ve got to do all you can to protect your business.

This means you’ve got to have *proper* legal notices and disclaimers displayed on your website. And I say *proper* because, those boiler-plate privacy policies most businesses are using isn’t enough to protect you.

You’ve got the FTC, and then you’ve got the equivalent of 50 “Little FTCs” that you need to stay compliant with. You see, every State has its FTC equivalent, and California leads the way with its California Online Privacy Act… And it doesn’t even matter if your business is in California, or some other State.

You need to comply with the rules from every State as well as the FTC itself, if you want to do business online these days.

The good news:

You can do a quick audit of your online business and know if you’re compliant and where you stand in literally minutes. So if you missed that getting in on the above webinar, then I suggest you use the link below to at least see if your online business is risk.

==>Staying of FTC line of sight.

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