Tips & Tricks of online marketing are always important as they can save you time and money.

Your goal online should be to build a list, unless you are a consummate affiliate marketer and keep jumping from one product to another to make a few pennies here and there.

To me, that’s harder work than to concentrate on one subject area and become the go to person for that niche.  But hey, not everyone is ready to take their business to that level.

But if long-term residual income is your goal then you will have to consider BRANDING.

Branding Tips

Not branding yourself means you will be lost in the crowd.

That’s why the branding category of Tips N Tricks will focus on bringing you some branding methods to help you with that process.

Software Tips

Tips & Tricks will also concentrate on showing you different software tools that make my life easier during my lead generating processes.

These could cover how to run specific softwares, how to remove duplicates and validate emails, how to use Facebook group posters that allow me to post to hundreds of groups with one click and even software that allows me to work with other social media groups other than Facebook and Twitter.

Copywriting Tips

In order to connect with your prospect you have to build a relationship that is built on trust and value.  That’s why copywriting plays such an important role in any online business.

If you cannot connect with your prospects on their level, then your list may as well be an anchor around your neck and it will sink you.

List Building Tips

Tips to help you build your list are always valued by online marketers and you will be getting them here as fast as I can share them with you.

Your list is the most important resource you have in your online arsenal and it needs to be nurtured but also needs to be monetized and there are specific do’s and don’ts you need to be aware of if you want to see good results come out of your list building efforts.

Traffic Getting Tips

I’m always hearing how getting traffic is an easy process. But guess what?  It’s not that easy!

It took me quite a while to really understand this process and I now currently have increased my traffic getting methods because I have used many of them.

And many of them are good but there are more of them that are a wasted of time.

So in this category of traffic getting tips, I will share with you all that I can to help you get more traffic than you used to.

Marie Leonard Online blog is dedicated to bringing you as many tips to help you with your online marketing efforts.


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