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Creating a White Hat List For Traffic From a Black Hat List Generated From Lead Generation Softwares

I’m sure that you have heard the words “black hat” and “white hat”. I prefer to call it “hot” and “cold”.

Let me explain.
Black hat methods refer to any method used which does not comply with proper practices as laid out by the terms of service on websites, membership sites, social sites, and yes, even Google or other practices that skirt the law.

One such method is the use of list generating softwares that actually collect emails from major email providers using search engines to produce huge lists of emails.

These are what I am calling “hot lists”.

In essence, what you have in your hands with the Targeted Lead Extractor is a hot list of emails.

And if you are a marketer using similar software tools you should have a no spam solution to go along with it. There  might even be some marketers interested in not only using the tools for their own marketing but also want to give them away to attract leads for their own list building.

The intent is really not to give you a method to collect emails for you to spam but offer a solution as to what can be done with such lists that bring value to the person using by helping them build their list faster using them in a no spam way.

Now many marketers would take that list into a bulk emailer and blast their messages.  Those tactics are no longer really advisable since email providers are filtering messages instantly into spam folders which many people don’t ever check.

That means your message is NOT being read.

But what if you could actually use those leads ethically through solutions as explained in the NO Spam Solution site that deals exactly with that?

There are several steps recommended if you use a list that was collected using a software email scraper.

Here are those steps in a nutshell:

  • The list of emails collected by the software will contain some extra characters that will need to be removed. Do that by skimming the content and delete bad characters that are not part of the email.
  • Next, run the list through the email duplicate remover to ensure no duplicates are lurking further into your file
  • Third, go to the email verifier, which you can download to your computer, watch the tutorial on how to verify your emails and run your list through it.

You now have a fresh list ready to be used with our no-spam solution in Linkedin which will turn your “hot” list into a “cold list and one that you can feel good about using in your marketing.whitehat

A word of caution.

We do not recommend that you send these emails out using any email provider like Gmail or MSN or Hotmail. Doing so may get your account closed should anyone flag you for spamming.

There are several lead generating softwares that do a great job and can be very targeted depending upon your use of the proper keywords at the time you are building your “HOT” lists.

That’s why many marketers may use several softwares to build their lists with over time.

I love software tools since they make my life so much easier but it’s knowing how to use those list building tools that matters and that’s why Marie Leonard Online is all about lead generation and list building.

About the Author Marie Leonard

Marie is a seasoned online coach and marketer helping newcomers save time and money in applying sound internet marketing processes and providing them with versatile tools to ease their lead generation frustrations.

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