Why People Don’t Buy What You Sell

No matter what you do, you have to sell people on it.

Were you not SOLD on which toothpaste to use?  If it wasn’t you, then it was your partner who decided which toothpaste would be best for you and your family.buynow

You see, whenever we BUY something, it’s because we have been SOLD into believing that IT was the best for you.

Is it any different online? Absolutely NOT!

Here are 2 reasons your product is not selling:

  • People rarely believe that what you do is as awesome as what you believe it to be.  Read that again!  You see, you value your work way more than other people because it was your sweat and tears that produced the end result.  Here’s a good example. I see it all the time when I visit garage sales.  Sometimes people have very unreasonable prices on used items. Why? Because that item became emotionally attached with past memories of it’s use and has grown in value in the eyes of the owner.  Your online business is no different.  When you pour yourself into creating a product that has taken hours even weeks to put together, you would think that it deserved a high ticket sale price.  Wrong!  People rarely believe that what you do is as awesome as what you believe it to be.
  • Interestingly enough, our second reason goes like this: people tend to believe that what you have, although it might work for other people, it won’t work for them. Most people think they are unique, and they are, but what is not unique is their problems.  We all have similar problems.  It’s only the words we use to put express them that may be different.  And if people perceive that what you are selling couldn’t possibly help them as much as you say it would, then they will use that as a justifiable excuse to refuse to buy from you.

So how do you bust through these beliefs?

By selling them on the solution!

Here’s how to sell your solution:

  • Forget that your product or service will sell itself! Build it and they shall come does not work.  You have to do the selling, the marketing and all that goes with it if you want people to buy from you.  You have to give them a reason by providing specific examples from all walks of life so it’s impossible for them to believe anything else but that YOUR solution is the only thing left that will solve their problem.
  • Stop believing that you have to “not be pushy”.  One email won’t do the trick but there is a fine line between spamming people and providing value.  When selling your ideas or services, take the poker approach.  Professional poker players aggressively make their moves to WIN and so must you.  It means sell hard at the beginning, then slack off but keep giving good content at your regular pace.  Like one very successful marketer mentioned: “Don’t be pushy all the time, just be pushy at the right time.”

Online marketing strategies taught here at Marie Leonard Online will focus on solving problems that are common to online marketers. It’s just a matter of identifying the problem first and then making the solution one that can easily be implemented.  So stay tuned.

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